Presentations for Groups visiting the Victoria Falls Area


The Life of David Livingstone

Africans have always revered great story tellers since this is the way their history has been passed from generation to generation. Join our master story tellers for a spell-binding journey into Africa’s past as we bring to life the most compelling story in Africa’s history – The Life of David Livingstone. Born into poverty in a Glasgow slum in 1813 he would rise up to become “the greatest man of his generation” and during a career which spanned 30 years in Africa, he would traverse over 28000 miles of uncharted territory. This story is inspirational and will give you a fascinating insight into Africa’s, often time, tragic past but it will also keep you on the very edge of your seat as we follow our hero through trials and tribulations no ordinary man could endure.

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Southern Night Skys

The night sky’s of Southern Africa are a sight to behold and our presentation is designed to give you a simple, easy to understand, introduction to the visible Universe. Through the use of laser pointers we transport you on an unforgettable and breathtaking journey through the cosmos that will leave you with a very different perspective on our importance in the grand scheme of things!

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