Victoria Falls Heritage Tours

Since the beginning of time African’s have revered great storytellers as they were the custodians, of the continents rich and varied history. Visitors may be drawn to Africa by it’s iconic wildlife, but living here for over 5 generations we believe that your experience is incomplete, unless you also learn about it’s remarkable historical and cultural heritage as well.

Join our specialist guides as their stories transport you back in time to examining the rise of man and how environmental forces that have shaped the culture of the people of Africa. No visit here is complete without the Origins of Africa story because as the Shona say “without the past there can be no future”. You will learn the origins of many African traditions as we unravel the connections between the environment of the continent and the culture of her people.

Journey through the Mists of Time to travel alongside the Scottish Missionary and Explorer David Livingstone, who traversed over 28 000 miles of uncharted territory in a career spanning 30 years. Born into poverty and obscurity he would rise up to be eulogized upon his death as the most important man of his generation. From his discovery of Victoria Falls in 1855 to his final journey that would close the slave markets of East Africa forever- his is the most compelling and remarkable story in Africa’s recent history.